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02-04-2011, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by oilers1084 View Post
Thank you, I thought my user pic looks nice too. You need to cut down on the drinking, your mind must be a mess if you think Hemsky=Scheen, and Penner=Hickey. Btw that 11/12 line up is horrific.
HAHA I'm actually living in China right now... so the drinking just finished now. Yeah it's only 1AM...ain't a lightweight. But whatever. You try to find a mentally stable group of people to drink with during Chinese New Year and I'll find you the fountain of youth.

You're pretty shortsighted if you can't appreciate that line-up. Schenn, Eberle, Gagner and Hall have a winner's mentality. Screw experience. What the use of having Hemsky around if he's only going to play 30-55 games per year?

Penner hasn't won anything except for a cup when he was a rookie who wasn't counted on to do a whole lot.

Hemsky carried our team to some extent, but we wouldn't have made it out of the playoffs without that ******** named Pronger. Over the past two season Hemsky has shown us little by little that he can't keep up with the game.

He is truly an amazing talent. He isn't lacking in talent, imagination or passion. He just doesn't know how to take care of his *** when he takes things into overdrive.

When Smyth was traded there were a few of us (I wasn't one of them) who had the same idea), but Hemsky is even way more injury prone now than Smyth was when he left Edmonton. We're better off without him.

If you think wrong. If Hemsky is so damn good, why not give him a Gaborik type contract? How about 6.5M per year over 7 years? Whoever could agree to this has the IQ of a ****** toaster oven. As he gets older he's either going to learn to play more like a coward so he can play more games or he's going to just get injured more often.

BTW: You're user pic, or lack there of, sucks.(Troll account?)

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