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07-13-2005, 06:25 AM
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Originally Posted by canadahockeygirl
But a bigger reason I play with men is that I hate the BS that goes on with womens teams. Womens' hockey SUCKS-- at my age, there are very few non-beginner D-level recreation teams, and when you get a player that thinks she's cool because she just figured out how to lift a puck at 27, the ego is unrealistic. It makes it hard to play also when your captains are dating (my HS girls team had that happen, and in college it happened as well) or when you have a meltdown because girls are catty. Even at 45 years old, they're still going at it. I've never experienced that with any of the boys or mens teams I've been on. You go in the locker room, shoot the ****, go out and play, come back to the locker room, shoot more ****, get a few beers, then go on your way.

If a guy really wants to dumb down his game and play womens' hockey, more power to him. It's not the same game as mens' hockey. Granted the goal is the same, but a lot of people enjoy the physical aspect of the mens rules.
Oh my god, we obviously have 'tended for the same women's teams! I play for competition, not melodrama. I like my intensity on the ice, not in the politics off it. I like hard shots, fast skating and complex plays. I much prefer playing with the guys.

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