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02-04-2011, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
I dont think we should be complete buyers looking for that missing piece. If you can get a PP QB cheap then fine - but they usually dont come cheap - especially not Kaberle.

Del Zotto is a putrid excuse for a PP QB, hopefully he develops in that regard. Someone needs to take charge. I dont think Staal will be a bad QB but like you said, hes going to need a little time to develop there. This is were Fowler may have come in (especially after giving up on Sangs), but thats a different story altogether.

I agree we need a QB, but i think the PP woes run a little deeper than just that. Why oh why must Gaborik and others continually try to force the puck cross ice or into areas that are low percentage??? I just dont get it. PP after PP the same mistakes are made. Put the puck on the ****ing net, get people there and repeat. All the players say thats what they should do. The coach is obviously not an idiot and is telling them to do so. Yet it doesnt happen.

They should just dump the puck softly in the corner and go to work like its 5 on 5. Start there, because their puck recovery skills (which imo is the most important thing on the PP) and spacing is complete ****. They are too concerned about the setup, and it leaves them flatfooted as a result. This team is great when its in motion. Once they stop and think its all over. They arent that skilled and their most skilled player is overthinking everything right now. Not a good combo.
Fully agree.....

1) Dump it in
2) Chase it down
3) Aquire puck control
4) Feed the point
5) Shoot on net
6) Converge on net
7) Rinse and repeat

If the powerplay on this team was just slightly better, conservatively, we would have 2-3 more wins this season. Its really going to hurt us if they cant get it going a little better.

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