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02-04-2011, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by BigFatCat999 View Post
Nashville has quite a bit of cap space to make a move. Currently they have 892,070 under the cap which does not include rookie bonuses which have not been met. 70% of the season has passed thus 70% of the contracts out there have been paid for.
BFC, instead of dealing with these percentages, you really want to head to CapGeek's Daily Cap Tracker. There you will find the daily cap hit for every player as well as being able to "pick the date of the trade" which will tell you how many days left the Predators will be responsible for.

Using your binky Iginla as an example, if Nashville were to acquire him the day of the trade deadline, Nashville would be responsible for 41 days of his contract.

Iginla get's paid $37,634 per day, so Nashville would ultimately pay for $1,542,994 of his $7 million contract this season in that scenario.

Nashville could actually afford that (for this season) with no other roster moves beyond demoting Meuller and Halischuk, but it's not happening for lots of reasons.

You get the idea.

$892,070 * 1.7 = 1,516,519. Then you add on what ever contracts you trade or send down to Milwaukee and that's the level of contract you can pick up that salary for a trade.

Currently, Nashville has as many anchors as Milwaukee has on the shoulders of their jerseys.

Dumont is a 4th liner who needs a change and a NTC

Lombardi could go on LTIR and doesn't have a NTC

If Dumont was willing to waive the NTC that's 4 million. (Which we were expecting to put on Suter)

Lombardi if he's done could be traded to a cap max team so they can LTIR him for cap space.
I don't think there's any chance that Dumont's moved and there is no budgetary reason to do so for this season.

Lombardi (or anyone else) going on LTIR will have zero effect on Nashville's ability to bring additional players in at the deadline or in the off season. LTIR will only provide benefits for those teams that are going to exceed the cap ceiling- not the midpoint.

There are too many defenseman prospects in the system. Too many goalies in the system.

Dekanich could be a chip simply because he's a UFA who needs a home.

I'm not worried. I will worry after the trade deadline.
Poile certainly has trade chips at his disposal as well as money. He's got a mess right now. This four game losing streak is especially bad timing given who they lost to (Calgary x2) and with the Wings looming (x2).

Tough decisions ahead for Poile.

If Nashville squeaks into the playoffs and loses in the first round again with horrible results on the PP, he and Trotz will have a lot of explaining to do.

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