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02-04-2011, 03:37 PM
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Good points on Poile and the way the Predators organization drafts players, especially forwards.

The draft is always a crap shoot. You have players like Crosby, Stamkos, Ovechkin, etc come through that are basically guaranteed to be stars in the league, but even then you run the risk of being wrong. The problem is, in my opinion, a lack of confidence in drafting offensive players, and with that lack of confidence comes a lack of risk taking. I don't think comparing other teams' late round picks who panned out to Poile's lack thereof is fair because it can just as easily be argued that those teams got lucky. The flip side is that some teams (Detroit immediately springs to mind) seem to "get lucky" with relative frequency. My opinion on the future of Poile is basically the same as my opinion on the future of Trotz. I think at this point in time they are good for the organization because they both seem to understand how to run a team on a budget. When the team no longer needs to budget itself (and I feel that time is approaching) their flaws in these other areas will begin to glare. If one or both of them prove to be incapable of taking the team (skill level) in the same direction as the organization as a whole (with respect to spending) then it will be time to bring in new faces. Whether it be coaching, player development, drafting, UFA signing, or trading, something (or several things) WILL have to be changed. I don't see it happening until the club is able to operate without financial restraint though.

But then I have little-to-no insight on hockey operations. This rant was brought to you by more typing than thinking

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