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02-04-2011, 06:37 PM
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Originally Posted by apice3 View Post
Because we're not rebuilding. There are two reasons we're so low in the standings. No PMD. No Parise.
Parise signing fixes one of our two problems. The other will be fixed in two years maximum when we get notable cap space.

The Devils have gotten to the point where they have gotten over the loss of Parise and when Greene plays like the PMD we've been lacking, we win games. See the last 10 games if you want a clear cut example. Our place in the standing is 0 indication of our team's talent level. You'll see that over the next few months. We're still shooting for that 8 seed as unlikely as it sounds, but I expect us to finish 9th or 10th in the East.

Besides, you think Parise will quit because of one bad season? This is the first time in 15 years we're missing the playoffs (likely.) The Devils are the NHL's symbol of consistency alongside Detroit. In reality, there's not a better franchise he can go to if he expects to be contending regularly.

Also, Kovy's contract isn't an anchor although ill-informed idiots like to think so. It's just long. His cap hit is a friggin bargain.
1. i think your teams problems strated when your golden boy (whos had ONE really good year) Parise was still in the line up.

2. the talent level on your team isnt very high therefore you have a bad record. i mean i think Lou is past his for Arnnots contract? signing Rolston to that contract?? and yea Elias has turned out to be a steal, thats value for the buck??

3. and ya Yashin's contract was a really good deal too. i guess its good that Kova leads the league in some sort of catagory even though its probably the worst one to be leading.

and to these people that say they expect Edler or Kesler for Parise, thats a joke in its self even more so than him actually getting traded. what did the Thrashers get when they traded Kova to you? What did the thrashers get when they traded Hossa to the Pens? ya ya ya but hes an are not going to see superstars traded for superstars any more, it doesnt matter if hes a UFA or a RFA or from the USA.

also i think everyone in the league aside from some of these devils fans know that KESLER>>>Parise

People think that us nucks fans over value our players?? again Parise has had one good year and if you take that out of the equation hes probably a 70pt guy.

But with all that said i would still want him on my team.

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