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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
In short, it's been about average-or-slightly above. Some good, some bad, a couple of home-runs, a couple of huge busts. Better at dmen and goalies, with a noticeable weakness on forwards.

Other teams who are better than us have done better (with worse draft position). Detroit drafted 3 offensive studs (Zberg, Datysuk, Fanson) outside the first round. Philly drafted 3 offensive studs (Carter, Richards, Girioux) in the middle-to-late 1st.

Much of the later rounds are a product of our scouting staff. Poile's direct influence and attention is likely more on the 1st rd picks than later rds.
Let's dissect this ok? Drafting studs outside the first round is not a science. Yes, Detroit did just that, they got three studs that way. 29 other GM's also missed the boat on those three. So is that Poile or is it the money we're allotted for scouting overseas? You can only draft what you have info on. Let's take it one step further, we've drafted guys like Weber, Klein, Rinne, Erat, Hornqvist Tootoo and Erat outside the first round. While not the offensive studs upfront, Weber is one of the best defensemen in the NHL. He was drafted after Suter AND Klein. 29 other teams passed on him so Poile struck gold.

As far as your Philly analogy, the year Carter and Richards were taken we took Suter. The 2003 draft was one of the best of all time. I like Carter and Richards but remember, Carter was selected before Richards and I think Richards is a better player. I think Suter is better than both of those guys. While we're going down that draft, Philly could've had Parise, Getzlaf and Perry in the first round too. Kesler and Seabrook were also available. Carter was also 11th in a deep draft. Very good player but was he picked too high comparatively to guys taken later? Who knows for sure. Point being, I can't complain with the pick of Suter even though there was a ton of offensive talent available. Other teams passed on Getzlaf, Parise, Perry, Richards and Kesler so did Poile goof up on that one. Nope, not one bit.

So let's take it again to my point, look at the 5 picks after Poile selected in any draft in the first round, tell me who he should've picked other than Hemsky that would've been an upgrade up front? The point of the 5 after is to say, there were at least 5 other GM's selecting that didn't choose certain forwards up front in addition to Poile so he's either going with the scouting reports, like the other GM's or he's off his rocker.

The draft is not an exact science. Someone had made a comment in another thread that guys like Crosby, Ovie and Stamkos are no brainers. Well, what about guys like Stefan, Yashin, Daigle, Wickenheiser, etc that were highly touted, taken in the first 2 or 3 picks and were giant busts?

We can go back and analyze drafts and who we should've taken but GM's don't have that luxury. Yes, I think Poile doesn't draft forwards as well as he does defensemen but looking at the drafts, where we were picking and who was available, I think he made some pretty decent picks over the years. Hemsky and Zajac would be the only two I wish he would've changed. Then again, maybe those guys come into our system and suck it up and never make it and we lose a guy like Hamhuis who was a pretty productive player for us.

Heck, look at 2006. First 5 picks were Erik Johnson, Jordan Staal, Toews, Backstrom and Kessel. If you were St. Louis you'd have a case that Johnson was the wrong pick. If you're Pittsburgh, you could say Staal was the wrong pick.

You and I and everyone else here could analyze and re-analyze the drafts over the years and see plenty of mistakes on every team that has ever played. Do we have a pretty successful team that is relatively stable on the ice? I'd have to say yes. Could we do better, sure. Are we bad at drafting? No. Look at teams like Columbus and Atlanta. Heck, look at the Wild for that matter. Heck, really look at Florida and how poorly that team has been constructed and then deconstructed.

Detroit is a rare organization in that the owner has the deep pockets to fund a team, a coaching staff and a scouting staff beyond belief. Illitch is the exception, not the rule. They also had the luxury of having all-stars to help bring along guys like Datsyuk, Zetterberg and Fransen. Our forwards have never had the luxury of learning from a guy like Stevie Y on the offensive side and no one like Lidstrom on the blue line to teach our defensemen. That is just as huge as anything. It takes time to build a team correctly. We're on the right path and while I get frustrated just like you, do we want to build and tear down the team every few years if we don't get the results we always want or expect? I want a winner. I want to get out of the first round. I also want some stability but I also want some accountability with it all as well. At the end of the day, we're on the same page. I would love to see some explosive talent up front come down the pike.

For what it's worth, if Beck turns into what he's projected as, a Shane Doan type, we're gonna do well there. If Budish can stay off of scooters and start playing like I think he can, we're gonna have a giant power forward with amazing hands around the net. If Latta turns out to be anything, he's gonna team with Beck to form an aggressive secondary scoring line. Cehlin looks like the real deal as well. While they're not first round talents, we may strike gold just the same and the 2009 draft may go down like the 2003 draft for us, 3-4 for solid NHL players.

Keep the faith man, keep the faith. It's gonna be ok, frustrating but ok.

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