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10-10-2003, 06:43 AM
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in a perfect world i would want a big scoring centerman, but as many a article has mentioned over the lasts little while, why would a team trade for a small scoring centermen when they already havea BIG scoring centermen?? exactly, they wont, so i think we can all stop dreaming about a large 70+point centermen coming back for comrie.....

a top 4 defensemen is a good possibility because the teams that would want comrie in a couple weeks or months are gonna be the ones who are having trouble scoring..... these are the types of teams that will most likely be willing to trade away some defensive depth to get that scoring (personally this is the trade i would like to see because staios is UFA next year, so that means hes for-sure goners, smith is getting older as is cross... essentially not too far down the road we are gonna lose 3 of our top 6 dmen, so a defensemen would be perfect for us... as long as hes about 25 years old or younger)

prospects are an easy trade to make, because most every team has a few of them and lots of the "big teams" are usually willing to trade prospects since these teams just sign UFAs all the time anyhow.... now that is kinda chaning with the CBA coming up, but i think a trade of this nature would be the easiest to get done. the only problem with this is that edmonton already has tons of prospects, but really.... but we all know how many "for sure" prospects end up being career AHLers or career 3rd liners, so having an extra couple kids in the system never hurt any team (personally, i do not want a purely prospects trade done for comrie.... a top4 dman and a good prospect for comrie is how i see this trade getting done)

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