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07-13-2005, 11:57 AM
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it's became a $2+ billion business. That's not too shabby.
Problem is that the actual profit isn't nearly that high. Revenue is at $2billion but the profit margins for hockey have always been much much smaller. That's one reason why hockey traditionally has been hit or miss in regards to many leagues and teams.

But it's obvious the one thing that's been lacking is real direction in regards to making the game better - or should I say making the game the way it was pre-trap (which really was pre-clutch-n-grab). It's a bit frustrating to hear that the owners over the years had enough $$$ to build a slush fund in case of a lockout, whereas perhaps more $$$ needs to be put into marketing the game and making it better, including training these refs to get it right.
I understand what you are saying but the marketing thing wouldnt have made sense. The problem wasn't that people aren't aware the NHL is out there (that is the purpose behind marketing). The problem was people didn't care and those who did quickly became bored with the direction of the sport in general. But again this problem is not limited to the NHL, it trickles right down to junior hockey and has become a cancer striking the entire sport of hockey, not just the NHL.

Now I do believe everyone messed up with the way the game is actually played. Owners, players, everyone has left hockey degenerate into a slow dance and that is hurting the sport badly.

It's too bad because no matter how boring it currently is, it still beats al that's out there.
But therin lies the problem. Hockey fans believe that, but the majority of sports fans don't. Until a higher percentage thinks that, it really matters very little to the future of the sport how much we love it. We simply dont have the numbers to force it into getting exposure.

And right now with the current product i have to admit, i'm enjoying watching other sports more now. During this lockout i've thought back of fond hockey memories and realized that many of them are just a sport that doesnt really exist anymore in many ways.

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