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10-10-2003, 05:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Smail
I agree most everything but Perreault. I think he played a solid game. He was coming back deep in the defensive zone. He cut some offensive passes close to the net. He was also on his man in the slot, giving him small crosschecks. He was forechecking better than last year and he was playing smart in the neutral zone (the trap). He even threw some hits. He set-up a nice pass from the back of the net to Audette for one of the best scoring chances. He also had another very good scoring chance with Bulis (that I remember). I know everyone hates him, but he isn't bad by "default".
I agree with Smail...Perreault played a good game. If he plays like this all season, he won't find himself on the 4th line playing with Dwyer and Ward again. I honestly can't understand why many dislike him.