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02-05-2011, 01:46 AM
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Originally Posted by vipernsx View Post
Believe what you want, Vancouver's got a solid club and unless the Debbies have a allstar goalie that they plan on pulling out of there back pocket, they're not winning a Cup any time soon. Brodeur is the greatest goalie that has ever played the game and he is the reason why they've won their Cups, so unless your team "tweeking" includes pulling out another Hall of Famer goalie and NOT making worse-than-Sather UFA signings, revamping your blueline in a negative way, and trading to acquire salary dumps to worsen your cap situation ...the "tweeking" isn't going to get closer to a Cup in a hurry.
The last handful of goalies to win the Cup include Giguere, Fleury, and Niemi amongst others. You don't need an elite goalie to win Cups. You need a good team. Like I've told everyone else in the thread, don't worry about our team. I think you should worry about the Rags going another 40 years or whatever without winning a Cup. That'll keep you occupied for a while.

Originally Posted by vipernsx View Post
Oh and this an absolutely sexist comment. Women couldn't possibly have an understanding of sports because they don't have dicks right? Nah, it doesn't matter if they're a professional in the business, hell, they could be someone like Cammi Granato or coach of the USA Women's hockey national team but you "don't trust their opinion because their a might be his sister"...maybe his sister is the beat writer for the Dallas Stars, no that couldn't be possible...chicks can't do that...Goes to show how ignorant you are.

When you're sitting at home at night, beating your pud because no girl dates you, don't wonder why.
I think you missed the dry humor but regardless, you need to lighten up a little bit and stop taking life so seriously. Did you happen to click on the link and read the garbage being spewed? It was a personal blog of a fangirl. My point was that his source was complete trash and is the equivalent of referencing his sister (assuming she's not a professional hockey analyst which would be highly unlikely.)

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