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02-05-2011, 06:02 AM
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Originally Posted by hockey diva View Post
Okay so our 1st round picks haven't been all busts but we have not made up any ground on the forward side in the later rounds. BFC had a great post about drafting all these 3rd/4th liners. And that is what we have. I do fault Poile and the scouts for not finding some better diamonds in the rough. I fault our development system for not developing the offensive skills of the players we do have. And the guys for passing more often than shooting. There should be some kind of "penalty" for passing on an open shot.
No offense to BFC but some of his analysis was off. Beck is not projected to be a 3rd or 4th line type. His stock has risen dramatically since he was a 3rd round pick of ours. Latta's stock has also gone up, maybe not to the extent of Beck but is projected to be a decent player. Both their offensive numbers say otherwise. Beck projects to be a Shane Doan type. If you're not familiar with Doan, he's a top 3 forward on Phoenix. I've also watched the kid in camp the last few years and he was quite impressive. He shoots the puck, something we sorely lack.

Budish has been kind of a disappointment but is it on Poile for drafting a kid who blew out a knee while playing and then blew out his other knee in a freak scooter accident? If he makes it back from injury, he's a big kid that can skate and has soft hands. 230 lb forwards with skill don't grow on trees so hopefully he makes it.

All the talk about Watson being a bust is a joke. How does anyone know how he's going to pan out? He started off slow this season compared to the end of last year but also plays for a horrible team. He's picked it up as of late so he seems to be turning it around.

A diamond in the rough pick was Cehlin. Reminds me a lot of Erat. While not an upper end talent, he sure seems to have the talent to be a good second liner. This is from seeing him in camp and hearing what he's been doing overseas lately.

The other thing you're missing in analyzing any of our forwards is something JR and myself have been trying to get across to people. The Detroit guys walked in to a team where they had a chance to develop under some of the greatest players in history. Having a guy like Yzerman to learn from is invaluable. Having guys on the team that can mentor you day in and day out is amazing. I do agree with you that Trotz doesn't always get the best offensively out of our forwards but he does get a solid team effort from all our guys for the most part. I'd like more consistency out of the team to be honest.

For what it's worth, I'm not saying I'm the be all knowledge king of the Preds and their prospects and wasn't knocking BFC but I think some of his post that you were referring to were wrong of off base. That's all.

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