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02-05-2011, 09:18 AM
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Originally Posted by pistolpete31 View Post
Recently broke my blade on my se16, it cracked it the middle. Before that I had a one95 and the bottom of the blade broke. So I am looking to get a new stick looking at another se16, s19, total one or sick kick 2 or 3. I like to take a lot of snapshots and some slappers. Also big on saucer passes. Got any preferences between the ones I listed.
Those aren't sticks, they're 2 series of sticks made by Reebok. The Sickick 2 is older, starts with the 10K at the top, the Sickkick 3 starts with the 11K.

If you're concerned about durability. Forget all of those and try an Easton ST

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