Thread: Proposal: Parise to Van
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02-05-2011, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Gluske View Post
rofl at the kesler or edler > parise talk

Stopped even trying to follow the thread after that. Are people saying this actually serious?

I'd want to inject whatever it is you're on into my veins, but I'm assuming you're taking such high doses it'd kill me
okay, then please try and provide a logical argument why Parise is WORTH more than Kesler.

I've provided it above.... there is no doubt in my mind that Kesler has more asset value overall. It just seems silly to me that two comparable players, one with a GREAT contract, and the other with uncertainty in his contract, would have similar value, let alone the one with the worse contract situation having more value.

Kesler is signed up for the next 5yrs at $5mill/yr... tell me how exactly Parise, a similar player in every way, who hits RFA status next year, and then UFA the year after, while in an injury-prone season vs. (yet another) breakout season for the other, has more value?

Instead of laughing at the suggestion and telling us that we're high for thinking it, try and provide a logical argument... I'd love to hear it!

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