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07-13-2005, 01:57 PM
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here's one of my biggest beefs

Originally Posted by Fletch
is that it's became a $2+ billion business. That's not too shabby.

But it's obvious the one thing that's been lacking is real direction in regards to making the game better - or should I say making the game the way it was pre-trap (which really was pre-clutch-n-grab). It's a bit frustrating to hear that the owners over the years had enough $$$ to build a slush fund in case of a lockout, whereas perhaps more $$$ needs to be put into marketing the game and making it better, including training these refs to get it right.

It's too bad because no matter how boring it currently is, it still beats al that's out there.
instead of enacting new rules, call the existing ones! If a player takes a hand off his stick and wraps an arm or hand, it's either holding or interference. Years ago players seldom took their hands off their sticks. Why? Because the Ref's knew what the intent was and they called it. The game is so screwed up now because of the lower level of talent and all the holding and picks, that to call them all would further kill what little flow is left in the game. Hockey would be a bigger joke then it is now. You have to start in the pee wees and bantom levels and on up through the H.S., college, Jr ranks and eventually into the minor leagues and finally into the NHL itself. It will take years to recondition the hockey society.

As far as growing the sport. Please! Everything is so over valued in today's society. The actual growth without the gross inflation is most likely very marginal.