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02-05-2011, 02:00 PM
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Help me find a stick with these specs!

So, for my next stick purchase, I really want to nail everything I need in a stick. After going from stick to stick, pattern to pattern, and flex to flex, I know what I'm looking for. The requirements are as follows....

Senior size.
75-85 flex.
Lie of 6.
Toe curve with a rounded toe.

I can settle for a Sakic style curve, but I've used many and would like something with a bit more toe on it. Every toe curve I see is either a lie of 5 or lower or pro-stock with a high flex rating. The new Gionta Warrior pattern is unbelievable, but it's only offered in Warriors 4 lie, an Easton 5 equivalent. I'd try an intermediate too, but I have rather large hands and the smaller shaft diameter is a tad bit uncomfortable sometimes.


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