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02-05-2011, 08:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post
I think this post and btn's post sum up my feelings perfectly.

Poile / the front office constantly drafts hard working "Predator-way" guys. Third and fourth line defensive players. Yeah you have to have them, but those guys we can land in free agency. We cannot land scorers in free agency and then we cannot trade for them because Poile is afraid to lose assets.
In the first round or in general we're drafting the Predator type guys? Look at the forwards we've drafted over the years. Legwand, Hartnell, Upshall, Wilson, Radulov and Watson. Other than Watson and Upshall, the other were drafted to be high end talent. Legwand was converted into a very good two way center, Hartnell had mental breakdowns but could've been a dominant power forward if he payed attention to detail, Uphsall was a grinder but the best guy at that point in the draft, Radulov was a pure sniper, Wilson is a top 6 and Watson is another that looks to be a two way player and I think he may have been the one we shouldn't have taken.

Look back at my first post, tell me who we should've picked differently from the next 5 picks. That's all I'm asking. Guys are rated coming into the draft. Poile and other GM's have the lists as well. They all seem to pick in the same style for the most part. Sometimes GM's get lucky with a stretch pick but how many times do GM's go after a guy who's a stretch and they don't pan out? Probably way too often and that's why you see so many GM's that are fired whereas Poile has been doing his due diligence.

While it may seem boring to us, he has a fiduciary responsibility to the owners of the team, not the fans. If he makes poor choices and puts a poor team on the ice, no fans show up and he gets canned as well as the owners losing money. This is about winning but it's also a business. The owners state they will spend when the arena is full and I have no doubts about that but until then, this is the path we must take.

And for what it's worth, finding gems outside of the first round aren't that easy to find. We've been blessed with a GM that has given us guys like Weber, Klein, Rinne, Lindback, Erat, Hornqvist, Sulzer, Spaling and Tootoo that have played for us this season. That's 9 players on our roster from beyond the first round. Does any other team have that sort of success? Oops, forgot about O'Reilly which makes 10. I'd say that's a pretty good GM.

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