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02-05-2011, 08:20 PM
Rust Heisenberg
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It's really simple what the problem with the power play is. The players have been taught the fundamentals wrong. A successful power play does not move the puck along the boards and take shots from behind the net. The same problems that plagued Renney's power now plague Tortorella's. There was no reason for Callahan to dump the puck in at the end of the game. Had he held it and waited for help we'd have had a better chance of scoring. However, the mindset taught in our players, is dump the puck, chase, work along the boards, work it to the point, search for the perfect shot and if its not there start the process all over. Working the boards is the root of the problem. We lose precious time, we usually lose the puck, and by the time our point gets the puck all of the defensemen are in position to block the shot.

Notice how teams like Pittsburgh and Montreal work their PP's. Quick passes across the ice. When they have to use the boards, they will, but they won't aimlessly send the puck in hopes that it will reach someone. They also have a shooter who has a bomb slap shot/one timer. Take for example Montreal - PK Subban. Monster shot. In addition to that they have major movement, not only with the puck, but the players themselves. Watch the Montreal PP and you will rarely see any of the 5 players standing still (such as the Rangers power plays).

The problem is not who we put on the point. Hell we could have Zdeno Chara and he'd still suffer from this system. This is a case of terrible coaching. The fundamentals of how to score are all wrong. Dumping and chasing and fighting along the boards are all good if we have a lead, but not when we are an offensively struggling team looking to score even 1 goal in 60 minutes.

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