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07-13-2005, 06:29 PM
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Originally Posted by 303Joe
The Rangers have a very good ownership what I meant from Mismanaged was what they did with the money. Pitt and Buff have Mgmt problems as far as money. AS for top teams having a chance at the top pick I have no problem with that. I said in the other Lottery thread I thought all teams should have an equal chance at the top pick. Teams that did bad in 2003 got their top picks in that draft this draft should have nothing to do with how teams did in 2003 and years prior to that. Why does a team lose a ball if its been in the playoffs the last 3 yrs.? If a team played welland got in 3 years ago and had a big slide since then they get penalized why? I just don't understand it. Oh well we'll see what the 21st brings.
Yeah, Buffalo had money problems--Because the owners were stealing it. Pittsburgh too, had an owner who took money that he made from hockey and put it into schemes where he lost it all. Yep, they had money problems all right. But, they were not caused by the lack of a fan base or bad hockey decisions.

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