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02-06-2011, 12:21 AM
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Originally Posted by DynamoAO View Post
Another weekend of Omaha games...

Scored a goal last night, but the shot itself wasn't very impressive. It was an incredibly softy that Gothberg simply didn't cover. There was no zip on the shot, it wasn't a fast release, it just got to the hole...which I guess is good... but again, ill repeat it's not an elite caliber even by USHL standards.

Tonight, he played awful. He got muscled off the puck numerous times(once by my boy Coop, the same Coop who is 6 inches shorter and 30 lbs lighter...who literally lifted Ambroz off his feet with a simple shoulder shrug and dumped him to the ice.) Ambroz's physical prescence is only apparent when he has momentum. Skating side by side with players, he will almost always lose the battle(even by a younger, smaller player like Coop). He also totally crapped the bed on his shootout attempt. Just lost the handle.
I remember watching Ambroz play the US Under 18 team back in the fall and he went into the corner for a 50/50 puck battle against 5'7", 160 pound Matt Van Voorhis and the latter put him right down on his ass. There's no way a player with Ambroz's size should lose these kinds of battles with players so much smaller than him. He's been the biggest disappointment amongst US born players for this draft so far this year in my eyes.

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