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- I personally wanted Quintal to get taken. He was in my list of guys that just got barely beaten out by Konroyd for the 100th A draft pick. When it came time to pick guys in the B draft, I wanted to make sure all of those 10 got taken (VI cleaned a lot of them out following the A draft) but at the same time, the focus of the draft changed and became more about possible upside. In the end I couldn't find room but I was surprised no one else did too. He was the most prolific PK defenseman left after I took Laidlaw and Stewart at #7 and 8.

- The thing about Tony Hand is, he lasted forever and scored a ton of points. However, in a league as low as the British league, we should demand even higher of him before we consider him worthy. Let me explain:

here are Hand's scoring finishes and % of 2nd place in the British league, courtesy of SIHR:

7th, 54%
2nd, 100%
4th, 72%
3rd, 91%
2nd, 100%
2nd, 100%
5th, 82%
7th, 75%
7th, 79%
1st, 102%
1st, 103%
1st, 125%
2nd, 100%
17th, 38% (not injured)
12th, 38% (injured , on pace to 4th and 56%)
14th, 48%
13th, 65%
2nd, 100%

after that, Hand spent three seasons in Britain's second division. Then he came back up to division 1.

5th, 67%
3rd, 85%
3rd, 90% (sparse league stats, likely incorrect)
N/A (sparse league stats say he was 1st, but 10 players are listed)

My point is, for a guy in the British league, we shouldn't expect to just see some good finishes and a few scoring titles, in a league this low-level, he needs to tear it a new ***hole for me to say he's good enough for an all-time job.

Points of comparison:

Garry Unger. Unger was an NHL star and ATD-level player. At age 38 he came out of retirement to play in Britain. In his last three NHL seasons he clearly couldn't cut it anymore, with 42 points in 133 games. He had taken two seasons off since then. His first season was underwhelming, being outscored 164-134 by the 18-year old Hand. At age 39 he was 2nd in scoring, ahead of 3rd place Hand, and at age 40 he had an underwhelming 81 points, to Hand's 192. Hand was 20. During this period, Unger scored 4.67 PPG; Hand had 5.55.

Vincent Lukac. Lukac is a good MLD scoring winger. He played two seasons in the British league at age 34 and 35. He scored 4.57 PPG; Hand had 5.31 in this time at age 21 and 22.

Mike Blaisdell. Blaisdell was a decent NHL player for a short time in his 20s. He had 55 points one year and 41 the next, both for bad Wings teams. His career petered out pretty fast after 343 games and at age 30 he was in Britain. He played parts of 8 seasons, the first five being worth a statistical comparison. He had 2.65 PPG in this time; Hand had 4.54.

Gary Yaremchuk. Yzremchuk enjoyed a quick cup of NHL coffee, scoring 5 points in 34 games. at age 32 in Britain, he finished 10th in scoring. Tony Hand, at 26, led the league.

Derek Laxdal. Laxdal was another fringe NHLer who scored 19 points in 67 games. at age 29-34 he was in the British league and scored 1.38 PPG. Hand, who was 28-32, scored 1.60.

Ken Priestlay. Priestlay was a little more than a fringe NHLer, but not much more. He got into 168 games and scored 61 points. at the ages of 27-31 (same age as Hand), he scored 1.74 PPG. Hand scored 1.60.

Ed Courtenay. Courtenay did ok when he got a chance with the brutal expansion sharks, scoring 20 points in 44 games. Just a year younger than Hand, he came to Britain snd scored 1.19 PPG over 5 seasons. Hand had 1.17.

These comparisons are all over the map. Lukac is the most favourable to him; Preistlay probably the least-favourable. Make of them what you will.

Hand's international stats:

D pool: 8 GP, 30 Pts (3.75 PPG)
C pool: 13 GP, 39 Pts (3.00 PPG)
B pool: 29 GP, 49 Pts (1.69 PPG)
A pool: 6 GP, 0 Pts

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