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02-06-2011, 02:04 AM
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Originally Posted by jfried View Post
Lol. The passing ability that allows him to succeed (relatively) playing alongside Dion Phaneuf, while Schenn needs Kaberle to move the puck. Beauchemin is the definition of a two-way defenceman, he's solid both in his own end and can contribute offensively with a good shot (if Toronto was set up to do that) and with the occasional well-timed pinch.

Beauchemin does turn the puck over under pressure, but so does Schenn. Infact, Schenn does it more per minute played than Beauchemin does. The reason you see Schenn rarely panic with the puck is because he is rarely under pressure -- teams attack Kaberle because they know he's very dangerous with the puck. When Phaneuf-Beauchemin are out there, teams attack Beauchemin because tehy know Phaneuf is useless with the puck.

Beauchemin is by far the best option we have for playing with Phaneuf. Obviously a guy who can move the puck a little bit better than Beauchemin would be nice, but Schenn is nowhere near that. The only other guy worth even trying would be Kaberle, in which case Beauchemin would still be valuable to play with Schenn. For a shutdown line to get noticed, the team actually has to play a shutdown game.

Take a look at the Leafs lineup -- you lose Schenn and Komisarek steps up into his role without issue. Aulie steps up into Komisarek's role. You lose Beauchemin, and you turn Dion Phaneuf into a complete disaster. Long term, Schenn is obvioulsy much more difficult to replace, which would be reflected in the value we got for him if we decided to trade him.
comparing Schenn's skill level of play to Komi's is laughable Luke Schenn is our best D man BY FAR

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