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02-06-2011, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
disagree with this incorrect over-generalization.

Poile is obviusly not "afraid to lose assets" or we would never have had Forsberg or even Witt. He apparently also was willing to part with a lot of assets to pursue kessel, and made a major offer for Kovalchuk last year.

The problem is perception. Poile doesnt make the splashy deal very often because most of the time some other GM is willing to dramatically over pay and Poile refuses to trash the future for a shot at the present. But it doesnt mean hes not making offers, he just isnt making stupid offers.

I will say again and I think its a very valid point... which franchise would you rather us be? The Preds or the Thrashers?
Forsberg was a special case with Leipold on the outs. It is a bit of a generalization about "giving up assets", you can take that anyway way you want. Perhaps he makes the wrong moves. Plenty of other players picked up for peanuts that could really help this team.

You are nitpicking about a small part of my post. My main point of the post was about the ability to draft goalscorers vs. third liners because of our limitations in free agency.

As for your last point, not sure why you chose Atlanta. Without looking at their trades / free agency, I don't think that they are alot riskier then us. Except they have a worse GM, coaching and ownership issues. Of course, they have the exact same number of Stanley cups and playoff series wins as us.

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