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02-06-2011, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Lunatik View Post
I propose the following...

"Do it for Craig" for a playoff push Avatar

I'm willing to make something simple, however if someone wants to make something nicer feel free... I am willing to learn something new for this too... I was thinking of learning to make a .gif and having the following... "Do it for Craig" (or Conroy, will add a poll) in a simple text, then a user choice for a photo of Conroy, then our logo with the text "Playoff Push 2011"

edit: poll closes Valentines day we can discuss it amonst ourselves until then

edit 2: the slogan in the polls should now be Win it and not Do it, if a mod can edit it that it would be appreciated

edit 3: list of people who are down...
  • Lunatik
  • Stewie Griffin
  • Pacem
  • Artysmith
  • Flames Fanatic
  • Gelinas? - are you in?
  • Hot Conroy
  • Feel The Heat
  • CoRD? - are you in?
  • Saint Morose
  • Superhakan
  • MVW
  • Codes
  • Flames123
  • Xelstyle
  • Rezim
  • MOOPula
  • Kotalik Fanboy
  • tmurfin
  • Cyrus
  • HighLifeMan
list updated 12:00am, Feb. 5th

am I missing anyone?
I am in

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