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02-06-2011, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Hot Conroy View Post
Nah, not better LOL I have a basic understanding of Photoshop is all... By no means am I great at this, I just learned really quick.. had to Google "How to make Animated GIFs in Photoshop" and there was a really good quick tutorial.

Your template can use any Connie photo, mine can only use the one where he is holding the news paper to tie it together, so yours is 100% more versatile..
Mine already clocks out at 19.4 kb, very frustrating... can't add anything to it I think now.

Some advice -
Instead of using that resizing website, if you use Photoshop, you can just use the "Image Resize" under "Image", and it will resize all panels of the animated GIF for you - my GIF isn't even 125x125, it's only 115x115, but at least using it you can size down pixel by pixel and re-save the image to make it work..

Had fun and made another, but it's more for my own amusement and username... hope everyone gets the joke:
what version of photoshop? and i'm not that good, just enjoy screwing around... anything i've learned has been through ****ing around, i've never even looked at a tutorial or read anything about photoshop before

oh and i did my sizing in photoshop, just didn't do the .gif on there... made the panles/frames into .jogs and used the site to put em together... but i will try this out... and yours is better

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