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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Not sure how having one of the best stats of the 08-09 team is such a great trait in an organization. That's the year who saw Kovalev as our 1st scorer. Pleks with 39 points. A d-man as our 2nd best scorer. I mean, Lang was doing fine....for that year. Where is he this year and what is he doing? And that's for a guy who will rack some points for at least the next 5-7 years. But that goes with the patching we've been doing for the past 15 years now. Some patching were better than others, Lang wasn't bad. Yet, another year of a vet who didn't amount to anything, yeah he was unlucky due to that freakin injury, still the end result is that it didn't amount to anything. We have continuously been patching, with no great results, and a prospect pool who "might" not be in great shape for the years to come due to the lack of picks and suspect 1st rounders.
We were coming off a first place finish in the conference. We were adding pieces to put us over the top. Lang was a great acquisition till he went down. Theres always a risk of injury. It wasn't a patch job. It was adding a legit top 6 forward to a contending team. Contending teams do it all the time. Unfortunately it didn't work out but thats the risk you take. If he doesn't have that injury who knows how the rest of the season would have gone and who knows how many other years he would have played with us. I loved the move then and I still support it now. You can look in hindsight all you want, but a team coming off a first place finish, trading some future for some present and a better shot at the cup was completely logical.

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