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02-06-2011, 07:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Yeah, you're right, people don't lie and cheat for more money.

It's never been a constant in our society.

Instead of condescending me, open a book, read-up instead of being spoonfed your daily dose of (in) formation.

It's hilarious to see the typical triggered reactions that these subjects bring. People are well trained at denial
We lost a hockey "game", relax it will be better tomorrow, the world is a beautiful place, there is good everywhere. There is also an agenda out there to control the poor and to keep the little man down and there are motives based on greed and power. There are also two sides to every coin and the same agenda exists on the part of cospiracy theorists and book authors who "sell" an agenda designed to make the almighty buck.... I believe alot of what they say as well, but while I listen, I always keep my eyes an ears open and my wallet closed.

Our next game is against Boston and I hope we dominate them the same as usual, we win against them the same way Jersey beats us, we don't get favorable calls, our team just finds a way to win against them. Go Habs Go.

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