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07-13-2005, 11:02 PM
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Originally Posted by CornKicker
It could definetly be that way in europe or overseas but I know for a fact that 17 of 23 girls on my local college team were lesbians. They are very open and honest about it and a friend of mine (one of the 6 not lesbians) said they were very crude and nasty. And just when dudes think "yes hot lesbians" you are quickly assured that these are not of the hot variety but the " Hey is that your little brother? Ohhh my bad, thats Suzy from the hockey team" "when did she shave a buzz cut and start wearing army pants"
Oh there are definitely a bunch of lesbians on the female hockey teams I've played on. I think the last team I played on, only five (six if you include me) were not lesbians. However, on my HS team, only three were.

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