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Originally Posted by Hollywood Cannon View Post
Anyone here any good at playing goalie in NHL 11? I just started and could use some help. When I play with a solid team in front of me I am pretty damn good but when the other team dominates play and can impose their will I can't do anything right.
My goalie has a .86 SVPCT and 2 GAA overall from playing with the HFboards team and some random drop in games and in 20 games playing with a top 50 Xbox team I have a 1 GAA and .92 SVPCT. Moral of the story: no matter how good you are as a goalie (and I consider myself one of the top goalies on Xbox - I was ranked in the top 50 last year when I played more in every goalie stat before I stopped playing in February for 'Where Legends Die'), the team in front of you is at least 50% of your stats.

As far as goalie controls go...

1) I never use the right stick, let the computer make EVERY save for you, just focus on positioning - and come out to challenge shots, don't be a 6'5 fagot that sits on the goal line, that isn't skill.

2) I use the butterfly a **** ton because it helps rebound control and allows you to save deflections better because they are generally aimed at your five hole.

3) Don't be tweaky in net. The less movements the better, there is nothing worse than moving out of the way of a puck and letting in a softie.

4) Use the hug the post (RT) to move side to side on cross creases and break aways, it is MUCH quicker than manual movement.

5) Make sure to hold the post when the puck is behind the net and on an angle, bad angle goals are backbreakers for your team morally.

6) Don't be afraid to use the desperation poke check on breakaways; however, don't abuse it.

Hope that helps.

PS. I play with a 6'2 goalie, it makes me tall enough to allow me to make glove saves in the butterfly, but small enough to be quick on one-timers.

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