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It's already been said, but work on your lower-body flexibility. Groin, hips, back, and all major leg muscle groups. is a great guide to give you an idea of the kind of stretches you should be doing.

A strong core is also important. Like it or not, guys will eventually crash into you or fall onto you, most likely when you're down on your knees. The stronger your core muscles, the more like you'll stay upright and uninjured. A weak core will mean your upper body could easily bend over backwards or sideways; this can put a big torque on your back, hips, groin, and knees, and is a big risk for damaged muscles and ligaments.

And, of course, equipment has to fit. In most cases, you're fine with senior-level gear as long as it fits -- you might feel a shot or get a small bruise, but it's nothing to worry about. Don't skimp on your mask, though. In general, stay away from anything under $200. The Itech 1400 is a great example of a mask that's inexpensive and CSA/HECC approved, but is notorious for concussions. A good big-name brand mask will cost $350 or more; there are independent mask makers who offer good quality masks around the $250 price point (Hackva, Eddy, etc).

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