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10-10-2003, 07:44 AM
Jon Burke
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Originally Posted by monster_bertuzzi
The Zednik/Komisarek proposal is the best and most realistic IMO.

Here's my own personal:

To Toronto:
Bertuzzi, Sopel

To Vancouver:
Antropov, Kaberle, Stajan, Tucker

I see big 6'5 Nik the stick becoming a force in the NHL
That really doesn't help us much. Antropov is a center, and we're fairly deep there. He doesn't replace Bertuzzi's scoring either, nor does Tucker help in that aspect. By my books, Tucker is a good third liner who can chip in offensively and get under the opposition's skin. Kaberle is a good player, but he won't get you Bertuzzi and Sopel. Stajan's a pretty good prospect, but this deal does not interest me.

It's hard to think of a fair trade involving the Leafs because they don't have many very good prospects or young players on their roster. But here's my counter-proposal...

To Vancouver: Nik Antropov (C), Tomas Kaberle (D), Alexander Steen (C), 2nd round pick
To Toronto: Todd Bertuzzi (RW), Brent Sopel (D)

And I still don't know if I'd do it still seeing as we're fairly deep at center here in Vancouver with the likes of Brendan Morrison, Henrik Sedin, Artem Chubarov, Mats Lindgren, Brandon Reid, R.J. Umberger and Ryan Kesler all fairly close to NHL duty. Too bad the Leafs don't have a young scoring stud on the wing.

I just came up with a good team to trade with... Philly!

I realize they have a young team, but Bertuzzi seems like a player that Philadelphia management and their fans would like. I'll give a shot at making a proposal...

To Vancouver: Simon Gagne (LW), Jeff Woywitka (D), 2004 first round pick
To Philadelphia: Todd Bertuzzi (RW)

Gagne is one of my favorite young players in the NHL. He's fast and possesses both a deadly shot and an uncanny playmaking ability. He's one of the best young stars in the NHL. Woywitka has been compared by some to a Wade Redden. That sounds great to me. The first round pick would be fairly late in a "weak" draft (we'll see how weak it is looking back five years or so from now), but it's an asset that is valuable.

Or maybe this would be prefered...

To Vancouver: Justin Williams (RW), Jeff Woywitka (D), 2004 first round pick, 2004 third round pick
To Philadelphia: Todd Bertuzzi (RW)

Same proposal except for Williams, who would be a great fit with the Sedins, IMO. I don't think that he'll ever be a huge goal scorer, but he is just 21 and there's no way of knowing how good this kid can get.