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02-07-2011, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Whether or not you're writing him off is irrelevant to me. You're writing off the opinion of others, but don't people to defend themselves? Let's try to be realistic here.
Of course people get to defend themselves, everyone is entitled to their opinion...including me.

People are upset with Del Zotto because he's having a poor second year. Certainly not uncommon with sophomore players, but its compounded by the fact that he had an excellent rookie campaign. Your justification for taking Fowler is his excellent rookie campaign. Do you see what I'm getting at?
My justifcation for taking Fowler is not 'his excellent rookie campaign'. I lobbied for the selection of Fowler long before his excellent rookie campaign even started. You can look up my posts.

11 teams passed on Fowler. Many of them have a much greater need for a PMD than we do.
This is irrelevant. 11 teams also passed on Marc Staal. 59 teams passed on Brandon Dubinsky, including the New York Rangers FIVE the 2004 entry draft we picked Al Montoya, Lauri Korpikoski, Darin Oliver, Dane Byers and Bruce Graham ahead of Dubinsky. The draft is a very inexact science. Many of the best players were passed over multiple times.

Does this mean Fowler is going to be a great player? Of course not. But being passed over 11 times is better than most NHL players can say.

Fowler is putting up points, but he hasn't been any better defensively than Del Zotto has. They're both horrendous in their own end, which is why they both were considered top-10 talents that didn't go in the top-10 on draft day. Comparing them at two different points in their careers is silly.
Not comparing the two at all. Not me anyway. My point on draft day was that elite offensive defensemen are very diffucult to find, and if Fowler comes anywhere near elite (even halfway) that's pretty good...with or without Del Zotto

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