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Updated danish list..
I've left the 82's in as per helice's instructions but as you can see, they aren't really a huge part anyway.
I'm also listing Krohn-Dehli even though he is technically not eligible, but he's not on any Dutch list and I think he's too important to miss out on.

Only comments for the top 10 right now, I'll add more later.

#1 - Thomas Kahlenberg, AJ Auxerre, 1983. (last list: 1)
Position: Versatile midfielder.
2004-05: 33 (of 33) games, 13 goals with Brøndby IF.
National: 3 full caps, total of 42 minutes played. 19 games, 5 goals for U21.
Description: Can play anywhere in midfield, has two good feet on him, reads the game very well and can both pass and finish, as well as perform in a holding role. I think he's the most exciting danish prospect since Jesper Grønkjær, and I'm happy he will now get to prove that abroad. In fact I'd written out his profile here on how much I hoped he'd get to move on, but that became obsolete. He's been sold for more than €4 million, a very nice price for Brøndby, but also one that l'AJA could well recoup in a few years if Kahlenberg lives up to his promise.

#2 - Leon Andreasen, Werder Bremen, 1983. (last list: 13)
Position: Central defender.
2004-05: 31 (of 33) games, 3 goals with AGF.
National: Has been included in full squad, but not played. 15 U21 games, 5 goals.
Description: Technically, aereally and physically strong defender, tackles and marks well and has a lightning fast shot too. Doesn't have great speed and can lose concentration at times but is most of the time a solid player at the back. Has been very important to AGF over the last couple of seasons and now gets his chance abroad. I expect him to do well in his first Bundesliga season, and he should get in at least 20 apperances in domestic competition. Cost Bremen about €2m. Is currently involved as a suspect in an assault case after a night out, but claims complete innocence, has witnesses supporting him, and personally I don't doubt him. He's a level-headed guy and this doesn't seem like him at all.

#3 - Daniel Agger, Brøndby IF, 1984. (last list: not ranked)
Position: Central defender.
2004-05, 26 (of 33) games, 5 goals.
Rumoured interest from: Everton, Wigan, Glasgow Rangers, Gladbach, others.
National: 1 full cap (whole game vs. Finland, June 2005), 6 games for U21's with 3 goals.
Description: Very skilled defender, came out of nowhere (0 senior games before this year) to ably replace Andreas Jakobsson (went to Southampton) in Brøndby's central defence. The incredible season saw him called up to the national team, become a part of the successful U21 nat'l team and named 2nd-best player of the season by the two big tabloids in the country. Incidentally, Kahlenberg was the best in one of them, and 3rd-best in the other. Brøndby's defensive record was also drastically better in games that Agger played in. Agger & Kahlenberg were also the two main players that prompted David Moyes to come by and watch Brøndby play, and Everton also had scouts at the FInland game. Spending another season in Denmark won't be a catastrophe for Agger, solidifying his status in Brøndby rather than warming the bench abroad. Probable asking price: €3m+.

#4 - Michael Krohn-Dehli, RKC Waalwijk, 1983. (last list: 8)
Position: Attacking midfielder/Winger.
2004-05: 31 (of 34) games and 2 goals.
National: Impressive in 7 U21 games, scored 2 goals, would have been with the full squad in June if not for injuries, according to coach Morten Olsen.
Description: A natural fit for the Ajax system's right winger, K-D excels in ball control and has an accurate cross, but is also happy to cut in and try to finish on his own. As a 21-year-old, stepping into RKC and performing week-in-week-out in the Eredivisie, has to be viewed as an impressive feat. Next season can perhaps show even more of what he's made of, and maybe land him a move to a bigger club when his contract expires in 2006.

#5 - Michael Jakobsen, AaB, 1986. (last list: 15)
Position: Central defender.
2004-05: Mid-season transfer from PSV, 15 (of 18) games and 2 goals for AaB.
National: 23 (!) games for the U17 team, 13 for U19's and debuted for U21's in recent Finland game.
Description: "Mature beyond his years" is a bit of a sporting cliché, but it's absolutely true for MJ. Moved from B93 to PSV at just 17 and made his way into the 1st team squad and his Eredivisie debut already in his firt season. But mid-way through his second year PSV accepted an offer from AaB and he agreed to return home to the danish league. Noone knew what to expect, but Jakobsen effortlessly stepped in and made a 1st team spot his own. Elegant on the ball, two steps ahead of the play off it, and with a fair mean streak to him. Just 19, he has great potential and will no doubt be knocking on the national team door along with Andreasen and Agger in the near future.

#6 - Jesper Bech, Malmö FF, 1982. (last list: 2)
Position: Forward/winger.
2004-05: 28 (of 33) games, 5 goals with FC Copenhagen.
National: Just 1 U21 game (and 1 U19).
Description: Bech in one word would be: Flair. Unfortunately, he at times lacks more to his game, and his actions can be predictable and easy to trap. But he's a very gifted technical player who is often the most exciting individual on the pitch, and he's got two good feet. He's left FC Copenhagen this summer due to not getting enough playing time, and because he wants to be used as a striker only. I like him more as a winger but he did more or less singlehandedly win the championship for FCK two seasons back, playing as a striker. I'll miss those wonderful long-range strikes.

#7 Morten "Duncan" Rasmussen, AGF, 1985. (last list: 10)
Position: Striker.
2004-05: 28 (of 33) games, 8 goals.
National: 8 U21 games, 6 goals. 37 below U21 level, with 27 goals.
Description: Gifted striker has banged them in at schoolboy, youth and youth national levels, but still hasn't quite found his feet in the senior league. He's realied on heavily in the weak AGF attack and I'm confident he will grow with the task, and should in the coming few seasons become, at the very least, a top scorer in the danish league.

#8 Danilo Arrieta, AGF, 1987. (last list: joker (age))
Position: "#10".
2004-05: 19 (of 33) games, 1 goal. Many as a substitute.
National: 17 U17 games and 3 on the U18 team, with 9 and 3 goals .respectively.
Description: Small and mobile playmaker, so promising a talent that Valencia signed him as a 15-year-old 3 summers ago. He never settled, though, and returned for last season with AGF. He thrived in the reserves to start off with and soon became impossible to ignore for the first team staff. Made his debut in the fall and became a virtual regular in the spring season, netting his first goal along the way, too. His main asset is the way he finds other players, though, and he will be relied on to help feed Duncan in the coming campaign. "The Chilean Michael Laudrup" could be off to foreign turf in the near future again.

#9 Rasmus Würtz, AaB, 1983. (last list: 20)
Position: Central (defensive) midfielder.
2004-05: 32 (of 33) games, 2 goals.
Rumoured interest from: FCK, Brøndby.
National: 1 full cap, substitute for Gravesen in most recent (Finland) game, came on to captain team. U21 captain, 18 games. 23 sub-U21 level games.
Description: Joined AaB from a lower league team as an 18-year-old and has since then played in all but 4 games for them over 3 seasons. Is as important to them as he is to the success of the U21 national team, and he will soon be a regular part of the national team squad, according to Morten Olsen. Has all the usual characteristics of a defensive midfielder: Reads the play well, tackles strongly and with great timing, and is always both open for his teammates to pass to, as well as very capable in redistributing it.

#10 Razak Pimpong, FC Midtjylland, 1982. (last list: not ranked)
Position: Left wing/forward.
2004-05: 28 (of 33) games, 8 goals.
National: Ghanaian, National team status unknown.
Transfer Info: Has signed pre-contract from Jan 1st with FC Copenhagen, may join them now pending negotiations.
Description: Exciting wide man who has many of typical strengths and weaknesses found in attacking african players: Strength, pace, great stamina and determination, mixed with occasional selfishness, as well as general tactical weakness and inconsistency. All season long proved a force on the wing, a menace to defenders with his quick feet and whipped crosses. Is slowly developing more of a scoring touch, too, and netted a hat-trick in the last game of the season. It will be interesting to see how he handles the much higher expectations in one of the two big clubs.

#11 Mikkel Thygesen, FC Midtjylland, 1984. (last list: 16)
Position: Tenacious central midfielder.
2004-05: 29 (of 33) games, 2 goals.
National: 2 U21 games.
Description: Strong, energetic and at times very dominant central midfielder. Really blossomed last season, his first with FCM. Strong on the ball, very good passer, and isn't afraid to move forward himself, either. Works hard all game and is a very good team player, too. It's a term that shouldn't be overused, but he really is a Gravesen type. Not likely to ever be as good, though, but may come close.

#12 Lasse Qvist, FC Copenhagen, 1987. (last list: 3)
Position: Striker.
2004-05: ??
National: 8 U19 games (in 04-05) but just 1 goal and not great form. Set records with U17 nat'l team: 20 games, 18 goals (including 10-game scoring streak (16 gls)) before being prematurely moved up 1, then 2 notches.
Description: Goalscoring (duh) striker, physically very mature and strong, prompted Frank Arnesen and PSV to sign him as a a 17-year-old, but after just one year in Holland (often part of 1st team squad but no appearances as far as I know) will move back to Denmark and FC Copenhagen. Will start in reserves but should hopefully have some first team games under his belt by the end of the year. As one of few on this list, riding high (well, moderately high) on more or less reputation alone.

#13 Jeppe Curth, AaB, 1984. (last list: 6)
Position: Forward.
2004-05: Loaned out from Feyenoord to Excelsior in the dutch 2nd tier for half a season, 19 games (of ??) and 8 goals.
National: Has featured heavily for all 5 junior national teams, most impressive with U19: 14 games, 11 goals.
Description: More complete forward than Qvist but not the same upside. Stronger on the ball but without the same physical capabilities and is not as strong in the air, either. Will be very exciting to follow in AaB where he will most likely get a fair share of playing time.

#14 Kristian Bak Nielsen, FC Midtjylland, 1982. (last list: not ranked)
Position: Central defender.
2004-05: 31 (of 33) games, 2 goals.
National: 1 U21 game.
Description: One of the best central defenders in Denmark, a rock in and very important part of FCM's defense. Very intelligent both on and off the ball, good tackler and strong in the aerial game.

#15 Jonas Kamper, Brøndby, 1983. (last list: 14)
Position: Right winger.
2004-05: 31 (of 33) games, 4 goals.
National: All-time danish record holder for most junior nat'l games. (Amongst others: ) 25 U21 games with 2 goals. Not really close to senior team, though.
Description: Very fast winger/wide attacker, good dribbler and decent crosser but not a great finisher. In trouble at times when his team is down, can get frustrated, impatient and lose his head - but on the other hand can dominate when his morale is high.

#16 Simon Bræmer, AaB, 1984. (last list: not ranked)
#17 Kevin Stuhr-Ellegaard, Hertha Berlin, 1983. (last list: 18)
#18 Dennis Cagara, Hertha Berlin, 1985. (last list: 4)
#19 Jonas Troest, Silkeborg, 1985. (last list: not ranked)
#20 Morten Bergvold, FC Copenhagen, 1984. (last list: 12)
Joker Kasper Schmeichel, Manchester City, 1986. (last list: joker)

Dropped out:
Mads Timm -
Jakob Poulsen - regressed.
Johan Absalonsen - still hopeful but needs playing time.
Seb Svärd - awful year, change of scenery (moving to Guimaraes) may help.
Mads Beierholm - weakest season yet - losing focus?
Niki Zimling - disappeared from Brøndby's plans?

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