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Originally Posted by Kurrilino View Post
Well.......Can anyone tell me why the **** our PP is everyone runs into his position stops any movement just waiting to recieve a pass and pass it back aound the opponent diamond and than shoot from the possible most far distance to the goal ????????
TM and DL have designed the Kings around a defense-first philosophy. The primary focus is preventing and reducing an opponents attacks and goals in all areas of the game and position on ice. In the long run, and in the playoffs, under pressure this can win games and cups: defend and counter.

This means you first maintain numbers on the defensive side of the puck. No matter what. On the power play this means you have players in position to cover rebounds and "bad passes" that lead to short handers (which can kill a whole period for a team) and score on rebounds during the power play. The focus in on never allowing a bad pass, or rebound, or missed play allow a counter attack. The focus is on shots to the net and rebounds rather than slick play. The Kings players need to circle (stride to the left or right, up or back) and cover their on ice position better and in sync instead of just standing around. They are starting to do that and the power play is looking better as a result.

Of course, having DD and JJ on the blue line probably helps.

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