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02-07-2011, 03:33 PM
with the 10th pick..
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i blame the coaching.

these guys are players. they need to execute a plan. have an idea what to do out there. they act as if its the first time any of them have played together. every night. coaching.

gaborik continues to negate himself by playing the wrong side so his stick is pointing at the wall. that effectively eliminates his shot off the pass. and he does this all the time. i blame the coaching here.

on the 5 on 3 advantages we get, our point men creep in too close, allowing the defenders to pack in the triangle and negate the down low slam dunk passes. instead of having the point men stay high and wide- which means they will have to be able to shoot it hard and on net-which they cant do, they creep in and stand still. this happens all the time. again, coaching.

when we gain the zone, we setup and pass the puck around the wall while every single pk unit plays an aggressive in your face style against us. in fact, look and see how many of our guys are facing the wall digging for pucks during every pp. thats exactly what the pk wants us to do. you cant score if you dont have possession of the puck. we dont react to that pressure and it ends up with a poor rushed bad angle shot, a block, a bad pass or a flub. if we dont pass quickly and crisply, we cant beat the aggressive pressure. if we do pass quickly, we can create odd man situations and open shooting lanes. we dont. coaching again.

its the same thing over and over. we've tried every one. nothings worked and we continue to do the same stupid stuff with no shots let alone goals. its not that we dont have skilled players, we do. its the way the players are executing.

coaching. its the coaching.

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