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Originally Posted by overpass View Post
Not quite, unless you're talking about the WHA.

Tremblay scored a total of 10 power play points from 1960-61 to 1964-65. Not a power play quarterback.

From 1965-66 to 1969-70, he played on the PP, but I don't think he was the PP quarterback.

Montreal Canadiens power play points, 1966-1970
Cournoyer: 124
Undrafted: 114
Beliveau: 104
Tremblay: 59
Laperriere: 51
Undrafted: 44
Richard: 34

Among defencemen, Tremblay was barely ahead of Laperriere on the power play. One of the forwards listed ahead of him played the point, and was probably more of a PP quarterback.

In Tremblay's defence, during these years there weren't really any defenders putting up a lot of points on the power play. Almost every team played at least one forward on the point, many played two. No defenceman stayed out for most or all of the power play, except for Orr and maybe Pilote at the beginning of this time.

In 69-70 and 70-71, Tremblay was a legitimate #1 PPQB, scoring 33 and 28 power play points on Montreal's superb power play. In those two seasons, Montreal had their two best power play seasons between the late 50s and late 70s dynasties. So maybe Tremblay should have been back there all along. But for whatever reason, he wasn't.
You'll have to excuse my ignorance, overpass, I don't have the sort of experience and knowledge you do with PP numbers, and threw the comment in there sort of whimsically based on this:

A mobile defenseman with a smooth skating stride, Jean-Claude Tremblay sparkled as the team's power play quarterback for 11 seasons in Montreal.

He quarterbacked the most potent power play in the league... -The official Canadiens heritage site
Now that I think of it, I guess they meant he sparkled as the team's powerplay quarterback (referring to 69-71) , (and played in Montreal) for 11 years. That makes a lot more sense haha.

Regardless, I took your post as mostly positive. Tremblay wasn't really an established defenseman pre-1965 so it's expected that he wasn't doing anything during those years. But he was playing on the powerplay (though not as QB, but you said that was normal for defensemen) after 1965 and scoring more than any other defender on the team. And then for a couple years he did QB the PP and that corresponded with the emergence of the unit's dominance. Which is a very good sign, and that experience + his skill-set indicates that he is obviously a good PP quarterback.

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