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Originally Posted by JohnnyD View Post
I chose to use 5th rather randomly. I didn't want to use the first few spots because those numbers can be skewed by the freaks (just like any statistical extreme really). 25th is the equivalent because in a 30 team league there are 5x as many 1st liner players than a 6 team league.

You say 5th and 25th are not equivalent, but in terms of where that player ranks amongst first line players in the NHL they are equivalent. The 5th ranked player is in the 72nd percentile among 18 first line forwards, and the 25th ranked is in the same spot among 90 first line forwards. When comparing to their peers, they are in the exact same spot.
the problem with that line of thinking is that it implies by being in that spot on the roster, they are that good.

Talent pool size has increased, yes. A 5th today is better than a 5th 50 years ago. You can probably get away with saying that 5=10 and 10=20 if we're going that far back, but there is simply no way that 5=25.

I'm going to take this to the most micro level to demonstrate that it's incorrect. 1967 expansion - league doubles in size. Based on what you're telling us, a 5th in 1967 is only as good as a 10th in 1968. Why would that be? The talent pool didn't double in size - only the league did. And the ten best players before were the ten best after.

Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
60 points in 85 playoff games for a defenseman in Tremblay's era is ridiculous, and he played very well defensively in all of those Cup runs. People seem to think that he was weak in his own end (I'll admit that he was soft, which is a major drawback in the ATD), but he was far from it. J.C. was a money player any way you slice it.
There's no doubt that he was a top playoff performer; those point totals are too great to ignore.

BTW, as far as where Tremblay ranked on the depth chart accorting to TOI estimates:

1968: 2nd ES, 2nd PP, 1st PK, 1st overall
1969: 1st ES, 1st PP, 1st PK, 1st overall
1970: 5th ES, 3rd PP, 5th PK, 5th overall
1971: 2nd ES, 1st PP, 3rd PK, 1st overall
1972: 2nd ES, 1st PP, 2nd PK, 1st overall

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