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07-14-2005, 09:35 AM
Holly Gunning
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Originally Posted by La-La-Laprise
And ask any of those female reporters and they will tell you they are uncomfortable to be in that position and they get harassed.
Any? That's quite presumptuous. No, very.

I do both things under discussion here, reporting in the locker room, and dressing with my team. Neither are as big of a deal as all of you are making them. Amongst adults at least, which is what I can speak to.

I do prefer the player I am writing a feature on to shower, dress and come into the hallway to talk to me, but mostly because then we are in a quieter place, and can take more time talking. Locker rooms are loud and busy and not conducive to any good conversation. But I have less pressing deadlines than most reporters, so I have that luxury.

I play rec hockey on a mostly men's team. Of course I dress with them, the locker room is assigned to the team, not to the men on the team. Half the fun of playing hockey is the friends you make. I wouldn't miss it.

Now, of course I'm an adult dealing with adults. It's no problem. Teenagers, I would agree are a completely different animal. But forcing someone to dress in the hall is crap, that's for sure. Until there is equal space for everyone, there may not be a way around having everyone on the team dress in the same place.

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