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Originally played my first 3 seasons with the Sherwood PMPX 9050, which was tough to get a hard shot with, but definitely made the transition to lighter flexes much easier. I spent all summer taking shots at a wall in the park with that stick, and after returning from a two year hiatus, I switched to a more primitive composite my brother didn't want, and played with it for 5 games last season, until I was forced to play defense for scoring too many goals. That's when I switched to the heralded Sherwood 5030 because I didn't want to break the Vector stickchecking. I got about 20+ games out of the first 5030, but still keep the composite as a backup. The sticks are both comparable in flex and weight, but there is a noticeable difference in the release, something I don't want to be handicapped by. Still playing with the 5030, and have no plans on changing to anything else until I win the lottery.

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