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Originally Posted by JohnnyD View Post
That is where the whole level of competition part of it factors is. To properly rank a player you would not only need to know what percentile they fell into, but also what the competition level was at the time.

Using the same VERY rough example I did before:

1960-1962: average difference between 5th and 10th: 87.9%
2008-2010: average difference between 25th and 50th: 86.9%
1968-1970: average difference between 10th and 20th: 85.3%

As we would expect, the O6 era is the most competitive, followed by current day, and then immediate post-expansion years.
I am completely befuddled by the above. I have no idea what the purposes of 10/20, 25/50, and 10/20 comparisons are. Can anyone else please make sense of this for me?

I will say this, Johnny: The relative values of players further down the pecking order can be variable, but one thing has been pretty constant - top-end talent. There have not been many times in history where we can say the best 2-3 players in the world are significantly better or worse than at other times. This is why BM67's "vs. #2" comparisons have been championed by me in the past year and why a few others have started to catch onto it.

I just don't see how this relates to what you're doing, at all.

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