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02-07-2011, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by SpezDispenser View Post
Neil is making 2, Fisher 4.2, but yes, they make a lot of loot.

How old is Spezza gonna be when we start to compete? I'll say it'll take 2 1/2 season for the Sens to start seeing some change to the competitive, so he'll be 29 going on 30 when we start to hopefully challenge again. That's still doable IMO, and he'll have 2 more years on his contract + hopefully, like the Kings, the Sens can do some good drafting and astute trading to up the skill level around him. Right now we have Karlsson, Rundblad, Cowen, Wiercioch and Lehner all coming up - and who's to say they work out, I realize that, but they form the nucleus of the core in the next few years.

Now comes the drafting of forwards that can hopefully make an impact this year (the 1st rounder) and then be indoctrinated into the lineup in the years after that for the lower picks. Plus, with the cap space coming, we can hold onto it and wait for a player to come available via a team that is at or near the cap.

Naturally, I think people in Ottawa are scared out of their minds that Murray will do something to mess it up, but he's fairly shrewd. His trades have been decent, they just haven't worked out for the Sens (with the exception of the Heatley trade, but that is what it is).

I think the Sens org. focuses on acquiring an elite level talent to play with Spezza - soon and they'll also bring in a real goalie - which will start to accelerate the re-tooling as we call it - because a rebuild would require much bigger changes than I think are coming.

I would do the avatar bet with you just for fun. How long do we have to keep it?
I am very pro build from within, so I am not buying into this whole "add a few players" thing. That is LA in a nutshell since I've been a fan. Get this guy, he'll make so and so a star. It just doesn't work that way. Chemistry is a mother.

Your call. I mean it's just for fun, right? I would have made you have a picture of my face to stare at constantly if it was (with and angry face no less!) serious.

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