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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Sergei's on pace for 47 points. He has 30 points in 49 GP. In his first year with us he had 27 points in 52 GP. Very similar. I don't see how someone can say "I TOLD YOU SO" about sergei when he's got 3 more points in 3 less games than he did in his rookie year. What a MONSTER progression? Really? Relax. No one said sergei wasn't talented. He was VERY talented. People said he was a problem in the locker room, and talk about Martin all you want...even Carey Price called him out. Anyone forget that? In any case, good for Sergei, but I can hardly care less. People need to stop worrying about what we lost and worry about what we have.

Every year it's the same nonsense.

OMG, we lost halak...okay, but now mention how Price has played better this year and realize it was a good move and not just ignore the fact that management appeared to, at the very least, couldn't go wrong with either goalie. Not to mention, Eller and the potential of another tough costumer in Schultz is a win IMO. We increased the size of our prospects up front big time. Isn't that what people keep *****ing about?

Lats vs offense to latendresse, but one came in shape and didn't hurt his groin. The result? One may argue Lats is currently the better player, but his skills don't matter on the IR.

We got **** all for sergei, nashville CLEARLY won the deal, but please, pouliot in montreal>lats in montreal. So really, it's getting annoying hearing people use selective memory to explain our 'poor' management decisions. Pouliot, Eller, Price and likely others benefited from JM coaching. People may not see the results now, but they will be core young guys on our team.

Management has dropped the ball sometimes, but fact of the matter is they also have done a lot of right. It happens, if you wanna bash them for the bad, praise them for the good. Many teams let studs walk away. Sharp was drafted by Philly, where he had an 'amazing' 15 pts and -4 in 66 GP. I believe he got traded right before he turned 25 years old. In his 4 full years with chicago he has 3 20+ goal seasons, and another with 30+ goals. He's currently on pace for 41 Goals. All while being a leader and two-way player. Philly really dropped the bomb there. Kris versteeg(while a TML, is still a very versatile, two-way player) was traded for a minor leaguer in Brandon Bochenski by the bruins. There's a lot more examples and here we are, crying cuz a guy who didn't want to report the minors and was speculated to be a locker room problem was traded and is on pace for 47 pts?

No way am I suggesting ignore the team's failures or mistakes. All i'm saying is **** happens, and we have a lot of talented young guys and veterans we can appreciate instead of *****ing about what we don't have. Be positive instead of worrying. IMO, the only one we have a legit concern about is ribs(even tho i wasn't a fan) who turned out pretty good in dallas, but it seems to be the general consensus being sent to dallas did him a lot of good, that he may not have recieved if he remained here. Which, for the record isn't a question of management, but a question of location. Montreal is a very distracting city, and for players, the pressure, the focus and so on, may deviate someone from reaching their maximum performance.
Wow, I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you LL!

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