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Originally Posted by MTL-rules View Post
1. His first season, as a rookie, he was dynamite. He played hard, hustle, fought, did everything you could ask of a 20yo... don't deny it.
Great, that is awesome. I liked what he brought to the team, he was also awesome in the playoffs that year, particularly against Boston. What did he do? He made the club, and tried to free ride his spot. He regressed in terms of effort and as a team player. He thought he was bigger than himself once he solidified a spot on the team.

2. Well... You think Sergei is ****... did you always fell this way when he was in the organization ? I doubt that... and I also doubt you'd be unhappy if he performed with us the way he's doing with Nashville.
I dont understand where you keep saying I have said he wasnt a good player. Where did I say that? I was saying he had a piss poor attitude and wasnt willing to sacrifice himself for the team. I cheer for all players on the team, I supported Sergei until he turned out to be not a team player. I dont want players on my team that arent respected in the room, that dont give full efforts, or that try to show off on the ice.

The fact is that he's an incredibly gifted player and the organization somehow was able to let him get away. It's not the first time it happens and it's not only the player's fault.
Your right, its not the first time, nor is it the last. Some players need a wakecall or a change of scenary until they start producing or being a team player. Sergei is just another on the long list.

I just love how people ***** and complain about these players that leave the organization and become average or mediocre players. Dagonstini, Obyrne, S Kostitsyn, Grabovski, these are not players I even cared about if they left, they were not willing to improve, nor did they show the capacity to do so here. I dont care about non-team players, I would rather have Pyatt who is willing to sacrifice himself rather than a Dagonstini, who IMO was a lazy player.

Its also not a coincidence these players get traded to lesser teams, have less pressure, get more icetime, and are put in a better position to put up points than here that makes people whine and curl on here about them.

Originally Posted by Stradale View Post
Oh look another insider.
Originally Posted by VAN-HAB View Post
haha this is so true!!!!
It wouldnt be a Sergei thread without these two homers involved. The funniest thing is when I make a post about a player that didnt do **** here for the team, I get labeled as a hater by the people who are clearly so biased in regards to what players they like.

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