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Originally Posted by Stradale View Post
Actually, it wouldn't be a Sergei thread if Sergei didn't produce so well and show what he is capable of when given the chance. Suddenly, he doesn't seem like a party animal, cancer of a lockeroom and lazy player anymore.
He was given many chances, not sure why you would say that. He was on the team for almost 3 seasons. It also wouldnt be the first time someone plays well after being traded.

Funny enough, when players go somewhere else and produce, its because he wasnt given the chance, or he was mismanaged. Yet, HE is the one playing well right now, HE is the one improving, yet it has nothing to do with him, only the team.

And like LL astutely pointed out, his pace right now isnt even that much greater than what he has done in the past for the Habs. The only reason this is brought up, this thread bobs like a ****ing apple, is when a player goes on a streak. Whenever someone is cold, who gives a **** right? You dont hear anyone talking about Halak in this thread right now.

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