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07-14-2005, 09:38 AM
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Aaaahhh !!! Good times, good times. Hockey is back in the air, and the children come out to play.

Kind of returns a sense of normality to the boards.

As recent years history would dictate:

Prior to October - "The Leafs suck, their goalie is old and fragile, our team is much better," and now we get the delightful addition of "lol, you got no cap room, you're screwed."

Usually a mini slump at the begining of the season brings out the best of "Your laffs aren't even gonna make the playoffs", "Serves you right for trying to buy your way in by signing all those guys", "have fun watching our team in the playoffs" and now "so you managed to get everyone in under the cap, but look where it got you"

When things get rolling it becomes: "They can't do this forever", "Your guys look like their slowing down", "they'll have nothing in the tank for playoffs" and now "at the trade deadline, our team will get better than yours, you have no cap room to add players, lol"

Trade deadline:
"You guys soooo overpaid for him", "He's washed up, that's why he was traded", and now "You guys are screwed, he's going to take up a ton of cap room for your offseason".

And when all is said and done, and we've been entertained for the most part by our team we get "LOL, no way you guys repeat next year", "We're set with prospects, you have none, your future is screwed" and now "Bet you regret trading for him now, how are you going to fill in your roster, see, Leafs sux, lol".

Rinse and repeat.

Yes indeed, hockey is back.

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