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07-14-2005, 10:11 AM
Anthony Mauro
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Originally Posted by canadahockeygirl
Either that or you're so woman-like yourselves that you couldn't handle the "traumas" of the locker room despite being the same gender as what you're changing in.
I dont know what kind of a butch, manly woman you're pretending to be but its not about "handling" anything. Anyone who likes hockey would put up with some pretty bad things to play the game they love. Its about subjecting women to this nature of the mens lockerroom. Its not ladylike and feminine to have a woman cursing and jerking around with the guys no matter what you say you're comfortable with. Nor is it right to have a women there listening in and getting that junk thrown around in front of her. There's a place for women and thats not one of them MO. It shouldn't be about pretending to be one of the guys.

Either way you cut it, that was a poor attempt at making fun of guys who are trying to shed light and make sure little girls aren't put in a situation that could be harmful.

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