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02-07-2011, 09:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Wraparounds View Post
Yes, I watch hockey. And I like Avery when he plays with his edge and he plays like the dominant puck possession cycler that he can be. Which he was not tonight. He did not have a bad game but it wasn't particularly good, and definitely not better than good performances by a select few D.

I am merely pointing out the blatant and unthinking mancrush half the people here have on Avery. He get accolades when he so much as farts in someone's general direction.
Avery wasn't cycling the puck tonight down low with prust and boyle? I think you are spending too much time making this thread and not paying attention to the game. Everyone on here noted how well Avery played tonight, I am not even talking about his pass to Dubinsky because it was a good pass, but Dubinsky created the goal with a great shot. What does he need to do have a good game for you? Does he need to score a hat trick? I didn't say he should be an all star but he had a good game, and as pathetic as our team was tonight he may have been our best forward

Only W2 comes to mind for a better game from a forward, maybe Dubinsky, Prospal had as many shots but was not nearly as noticeable. No one else, and I mean NOBODY else impressed up front tonight

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