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07-14-2005, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by guzmaniac
Pirnes. But wait that's not all.

If the rule changes that favor offense are instituted the whole concept of a "stopper" line may be out the window. It will be inherently less effective than it was in the "old" NHL. Maybe going balls out for offense on all lines is a better response to the rule changes. If the officiating really does have zero tolerance for obstruction the flood gates of offense will open and it will be better to strike first and let the defensive chips fall where they may. Belly the Backhanders days as a defensive specialist might be numbered, at least he will have to refashion his game. Guys like Pirnes who is used to less obstruction in the Euro game, and who was hampered by the size and strength of the shut down tactics that were employed by all teams, will have a different "worth" now. Also little fast sniper types like Ziggy, Kariya and even the younger Bure will flourish IMO. We should look to 70's style hockey as a model. Big was good, in the congested "old" game, but fast will be better without a red line, and with more room out in front of the net the wide open "new" game will let the slippery guys be much more dangerous.
Good points but hockey will always be hockey, and if this league turns into a bunch of little Martin St. Louis's running around, i'll be pissed. I don't want clutching and grabbing or any type of trap systems just like the next guy, but hitting will always be there. This is the NHL not Intl hockey, and the talent is dilluted. If your post holds true, than the person that has to learn from this is AM more than anybody. He may spread out the talent and not suit up true heavyweights, but he has a hard-on for stopper units.
So if I had to choose between Belanger and Pirnes. It would be Pirnes! Like "facewash" said he has a lot more to prove. Belanger always blows his load in the first ten games and then he disappears for the next seventy. I like EB, but I think it's time for someone else to have a chance.

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