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02-08-2011, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by NikC View Post
trade him while we can still get value.
All 20 year olds struggling in the NHL should be traded asap. Brilliant logic.

Originally Posted by NikC View Post
MDZ our new leetch!! should be in the AHL. our idiot coach thinks this is helping him. torts is becoming part of the problem with this team right now. he's a pigheaded @ss.
Only a fool would compare MDZ and Leetch. Two totally different players, actually.

Originally Posted by NikC View Post
It's funny how MDZ wasn't NHL ready according to Torts a few weeks ago, then suddenly after filling (badly at that) in for a hurt Girardi he's
ready for prime time all of a sudden?

MDZ just recently said that he took the comment from torts about not having a PPQB on the team personally. He shouldn't be worried about having to be that for his club @ 19! Another example of Torts burning out the youth.
Team hasn't been scoring. Torts probably wanted the more offensive dmen in the line-up against a team that knows how to defend.

MDZ had a few 20-minute games last season. You can critique Torts for overusing him (and Gilroy) last season, but he's consistently skimped their TOI this season. Burning the youth, you say?

Originally Posted by Rangers44 View Post
Del Zotto is the biggest disappointment this season. I am starting to think we need to trande him ASAP, I don't see any improvement in any area only regression.

Maybe we should trade him and sign or trade for a real offensive defenseman.

Trading Sanguinetti turned out to be the right move his career is really in question at this point. And Del Zotto is going in the similar direction.
Compare MDZ's NHL stats to Sanguinetti's AHL stats. Bobby couldn't even survive Torts's ****ing hell-camp. He collapsed like a baby during hell week. Go and take a look at how he's doing this season, btw~

The biggest dissapointment here, is how some guys are expecting a 20 year old to play the hardest position on the ice with ease. Look at how many sophomore dmen this season are struggling. Bogosian and Myers ring a bell, and both are superior to Del Zotto. You think Atlanta and Buffalo are looking to get rid of their prized young dmen, because they're struggling their second year in the pro? Grow up.

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