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02-08-2011, 12:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Legionnaire11 View Post
I don't think the fanbase would implode if we lost Weber.

1. Our hardcore base of season ticket holders (7-8k)? will remain no matter what happens. They love the players, but know that the team and enjoying NHL hockey is most important.

2. The majority of Nashville still falls under the casual fan category who know Shea Weber but don't go to games to see him, they go to have a good time.

You may see some of the in between fans get upset and not show up as often, but only until they find the next Pred that excites them. The team survived the loss of Walker, Vokoun, Timonen, Hartnell and Kariya. They survived an entire season lost to lockout and a potential relocation. They have never won a playoff series yet attendance continues to grow.

Losing Weber would hurt, but would not be the end of the Preds.
Ugh, hearing about Vokoun, Timonen and Hartnell still hurts.

Keeping Shea is important not only for the fans, but for the rep of the team as a whole I think. I remember when Kariya came here, he seemed to give the Preds legitimacy around the league...that a guy like Paul Kariya would choose Nashville when he could play anywhere made people notice us. Same thing with Forsberg. It energized the fans b/c it let us know the team was serious about wanting to be a Cup contender, and it made everybody else in the league take notice. Keeping Shea would do the same thing.

I have no inside source to know how he feels about staying or not staying here, but I'm seriously hoping he wants to stay. I met his longtime girlfriend awhile back and she had recently graduated from college and moved here from Canada, so he's got her in town now. It still has to be tempting to play for ridic amounts of money close to home though...

Do you guys think offer sheets are really coming? I've always assumed they would, but I was talking with someone else about it last week and they seemed to think Poile has too much respect around the league for GMs to run around dropping offer sheet bombs on him. I dunno if it really works that way in the NHL...if anybody gives a hoot about how respected the GM is when you're talking about the possibility of getting an awesome player...but I hope it does!

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